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A premium non-toxic and non-aerosol suede and nubuck spray that repels liquid, oil, and dirt with a long lasting barrier to prevent staining and colour fading
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6 oz

Made in Germany

  • Can be used with suede, nubuck, soft leathers, primeknit and other porous textiles (not designed for hardier smooth leathers)
  • 100% Non-toxic and eco-friendly (EU certified)
  • Odorless and invisible coating with no colour 
  • Non-flammable, non-aerosol
  • Water repellent spray
  • Water based formula 
  • Can be sprayed indoors
  • Provides between six months and one year of protection (If shoes are worn everyday or washed a lot, we suggest reapplying after six months)


Before applying, make sure the surface is free of dirt and dust. Remove any previously used cleaning solutions.

Step 1: Spray the surface evenly at a distance of two to four inches away until the entire surface is damp. Then, gently rub the spray into the surface (we suggest using a soft brush) to encourage the formula to bond with your item.

Step 2: Set item aside for fifteen minutes. Repeat first step (this is critical  to provide full protection). Remove any spray residue from materials such as buckles, lace tips, accessories, etc.

Step 3: Allow item to dry for twenty-four hours before use. Test small surface area to see if water beads up and rolls off, which indicates protection is in tact.

Watch Jack Snow's video below:

2 reviews

5 stars based on 2 reviews

12 Jun 2021
works great
02 Jun 2021
This stuff is actually magic. A process to apply but I used this on all my suedes and now water beads right off.