1 Payments
1.1 Does Footloose Shoes accept payments over the phone?

We do not accept payments over the phone for security and liability concerns. Please utilize Local Pickup on our online shop instead.

1.2 What payment methods do you accept?

Online, we accept PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and Visa Debit. All payments, including ones made via MasterCard or Visa, are securely hosted through PayPal. In store, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Interac, American Express, and cash.

1.3 Can I use a gift card as a payment method online?

We have recently updated our POS system with new plastic gift cards. You can use these to shop online with us by entering the numbered code listed under the barcode on the back of the card. 

Unfortunately, our old paper gift certificates are not compatible with our online shop and can only be used in store.

1.4 Does my in-store credit work as a payment method online?

We have recently updated our POS system with new plastic gift cards, and all store credits issued from December 1st, 2021 onward will be on these cards and not held in our POS system. You can use these store credits as a payment method online by entering the numbered code under the barcode on the back of the card in the gift card entry at checkout online.

In-store credits issued before December 1st, 2021 can only be used by being applied through our POS system by staff on our end. If you have an in-store credit from our previous system and would like to use it as a form of payment through our online store, please contact us for instructions.

1.5 I selected my credit card as my payment method, but I'm still being prompted by PayPal.

When you choose to pay by credit card you will still see the PayPal logo. It will give you the option to login to a PayPal account if you wish or pay by credit card. You do not need a PayPal account to shop with us. PayPal is our payment provider, which means they provide a secure channel for your payment via credit card or Visa Debit with or without a PayPal account. Footloose Shoes does not receive or have the ability to access that sensitive information.

2 Shipping
2.1 How much is shipping?

We have flat rate shipping:

Canadian shipping is C$15.00 within British Columbia and C$20.00 outside of BC

(We offer free shipping on Canadian orders of C$250 or more)

American shipping is C$35.00

You can read our Shipping Policy here

2.2 Which shipping carrier does Footloose Shoes use?

We use Canada Post by default. All American orders will transfer to USPS upon entering the United States.

2.3 Can I pick up my online purchase in store?

We now have a Local Pick Up option available under "Shipping Methods" at check out for local customers. We do require orders to be picked up within 72 hours of receiving our ready-for-pick-up email notification. Local pick up orders can be returned for in-store credit or exchange within ten days of being ready for pick up.

2.4 How do I track my order?

You should receive a tracking number from Canada Post unless otherwise stated. If for some reason you did not receive a tracking number, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will get it to you as soon as we can! Follow the tracking number's link to see updates on your order's location. It may take up to 48 hours to see any initial updates.

2.5 When will I receive my order?

You are expected to receive your order within Canada in 2–10 business days, and your order to the United States in 1–3 weeks depending on your distance from our location in Victoria, BC. American orders may experience delays in customs, and unfortunately this is out of our control. Orders ship out Monday through Friday. (Please note that postal services are also running slower than expected due to COVID-19 conditions.)

3 Returns
3.1 Can I get a full refund on a return with Footloose Shoes?

While we are more than happy to offer an exchange or store credit for returns on full priced items within Canada (sale items and online orders to the United States are final sale), we do not offer refunds to original form of payment in any case. Read our full return policy here.

(Please note that this does not apply to any order cancelled on our end due to error or stock unavailability.)

3.2 How do I return an online purchase from Footloose Shoes?

To initiate a return on an online purchase, email us at [email protected] with your order reference number within seventy-two hours of delivery. We do not assume any shipping costs on returns. See our full return policy here.

3.3 Can I return an online purchase in store?

No, we do not accept online purchase returns in store with the exception of local pick up orders. Please email us at [email protected] with your order reference number to begin your return process.

3.4 Can I return an item shipped to the United States?

No, all orders shipped to the United States are final sale. Unfortunately shipping back and forth from our Canadian storefront to the United States through customs is generally an expensive and timely process.

4 Products
4.1 Does Footloose Shoes have more stock available in store?

Our Victoria in-store location and online store share inventory. So, if an item is out of stock online, it is also out of stock in store. However, there are products available exclusively in store that aren't listed on our online store.

4.2 The item I want is out of stock. Will it be restocked?

In most cases, unfortunately, no. Most of our product is seasonal, so factories and studios only produce them during a certain given season. In particular, once an item enters the clearance section, it is considered discontinued and will not be restocked. Certain items are non-seasonal staples that we offer all year or whenever available from the supplier, and will be restocked. If you want to know whether an item you want will be restocked, email us at [email protected] to find out.

4.3 Can an item be specially ordered in for me by Footloose Shoes?

No. We order stock in predetermined size runs in advance, and typically aren't able to order one-off items in season that weren't pre-booked for our store.

4.4 Are there any vegan footwear options at Footloose Shoes?

Footloose Shoes specializes in leather footwear. We do carry some non-leather footwear, but there is generally no vegan certification coming from the brands or suppliers guaranteeing that there are no animal products or byproducts used at any point in production. If a product can be claimed as vegan, you can find it tagged as such here.

4.5 How do I care for my footwear from Footloose Shoes?

We're happy you asked! The best way to get the longest and most enjoyable life out of your footwear is simply by caring for them appropriately. Here are some tips:

  1.   Unless you are buying leather soled shoes for a specific purpose, it is always a good idea to add a rubber outsole to shoes with leather soles. Leather soles can always be replaced, but a rubber outsole lasts longer, is less slippery, is way more water friendly, and is less expensive to replace. Break in your leather soles to conform to the particular flexibility and shape of your foot, and then bring them to your trusty neighbourhood cobbler to have a rubber outsole added when they begin to show wear.
  2.   Treat your leather with water repellent protective products! A smooth leather can be treated with mink oil (lighter colours may darken with the application of mink oil) or aerosol weather guard sprays. Suede and nubuck leathers should be sprayed with either aerosol weather guard sprays or our personal favourite: (it's the most effective and longest lasting we've seen on the market) Jak Snow's Magic Spray (it can also be used on textiles). Patent and metallic leathers require their own special products. Look for specific patent leather and metallic leather sprays to best protect them from the elements. Even natural rubber boots can be conditioned to prevent drying out and cracking.
  3.   Most shoes can be rebuilt! We consider habitual appointments to your local cobbler to be an important part of caring for your favourite footwear. Heel caps can be replaced, soles can be redone, zippers can be fixed, wool can be darned, and stitches can be touched up. You'd be surprised how long a pair of shoes can last with a visit to the cobbler every year or two. A cobbler is also a great place to find all the leather cleaning and care products that you need.
5 Product Warranty
5.1 Is there any warranty protection on Footloose Shoes' products?

Warranty protection, if any, varies from brand to brand. See this excerpt from our Terms & Conditions:

We do not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you will meet your expectations. Fit and comfort are never guaranteed as every foot, gait, lifestyle, and shoe are unique. Footloose Shoes does not provide product warranties of any kind. Any product warranties are defined and provided by the individual product brand and distributor, and are not the responsibility of Footloose Shoes. Each brand and distributor reserves the right to determine what is and is not considered a flaw or factory defect in their product, and reserves the right to determine the time limitation of their warranty policy. Our brands may not warrant discontinued or discounted products.

If a brand provides any warranty protection on their product, it is usually limited to six months to a year from the date or purchase. This is a normal window of opportunity for factory defects to appear—after this time, flaws are generally considered issues of wear and tear, which are the responsibility of the consumer. Often, clearance and discontinued products are no longer considered protected under any warranty. All warranty policies, determination of flaw versus wear and tear, and resolution are the responsibility of individual brands and suppliers, not Footloose Shoes. But, we are always happy to contact the company for you.

5.2 What do I do if I think there is a flaw in my product?

Reach out to us! But, please note that Footloose Shoes itself does not provide warranty protection of any products as we are not the producers. Warranties are the responsibility of the brand and suppliers of whichever product. That being said, we are always happy to pass along your issue to the right people. If you have a problem with your product, send us an email at [email protected] with a photo of the issue and proof of purchase such as the order reference number, receipt, etc.