Cork Sealer

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Sealant with a sponge applicator that protects cork from exposure and moisture to prevent the drying out that can cause cork to become brittle and fall apart
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New Birkenstocks come with a layer of sealant already in place, but this can wear off with wear. If the cork is looking dull and dry, it's time to freshen it up with sealant to extend your Birkenstock's lifespan.

Made in the USA / 89 ml (3 fl oz)


Make sure cork is clean and dry before application.

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of sealant to cork (please apply to cork surfaces only). The sealant will apply white when wet, but will dry clear. While wet, you can clean up the application with a bit of water if there any messy edges.

Step 2: Allow to dry overnight.

Reapply when needed (your cork will begin to look dull and dry when the sealant has worn away) or every few months as preventative care.

*Please note that cork sealant does not render your Birkenstocks waterproof. It protects against everyday moisture (like wet grass), but your cork-based Birkenstocks should never be submerged in water.

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